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If you are unable to make a large annual donation to MVLP, consider a smaller monthly draft through PayPal. Establish a PayPal account (if you don't already have one) and set up an automatic monthly debit from your checking account to be deposited into MVLP's PayPal account. A draft of only $25.00 per month can mean an annual donation of $300 to MVLP! Visit PayPal to learn more.  

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2020 Donors



H.A. Moore, III


Butler Snow LLP

Entergy Legal Department


Capital Area Bar Association

Harrison County Bar Association

Litigation Section of The Mississippi Bar


Ms. Kathy Andrews

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Business Law Section of The Mississippi Bar

Keyes Bryson & Piazza

Joy Phillips, Esq.

Honorable Betty Sanders

Realtor Sam Ward


Alexander Law PA

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of The Mississippi Bar

Appellate Practice Section of The Mississippi Bar

Ben K. & Lauren  Scott Family Fund

Brehm T. Bell PLLC

Courtney Cockrell, Esq.

James Davis, Esq.

Estates & Trusts Section of The Mississippi Bar

Family Law Section of The Mississippi Bar Robin Hall, Esq.

Health Law Section of The Mississippi Bar Jackson and Jill of America

Kimberly Jones, Esq.

Intellectual Property Section of The Mississippi Bar

Labor and Employment Section of The Mississippi Bar

Martin Foundation

Mississippi Women Lawyers Association Real

Mary Clay Morgan, Esq.

Timothy Ngau, Esq.

Property Section of The Mississippi Bar

Rush Law Firm

Seth Shannon, Esq.

SONREEL Section of The Mississippi Bar

Springer Law Firm

Taxation Section of The Mississippi Bar

Teller Hassell & Hopson LLP

United States District Court, Southern District of Mississippi

Women in the Profession Committee of The Mississippi Bar

Workers Compensation Section of The Mississippi Bar


Corey Aikens, Esq.

Russell Dumas, Esq.

Richard Dye, Esq.

Sue Fairbank, Esq.

Davis Frye, Esq.

Blair Harden, Esq.

Debora Horn, Esq.

William Johnson, Esq.

Patricia Masters, Esq.

Michael Mcwilliams, Esq.

Reed Nunalee, Esq.

Beth Orlansky, Esq.

Benjamin Roberson, Esq.

Ben Scott, Esq.

The Tompkins Law Firm PLLC

Kay Trapp, Esq.

Gilbert Van Loon, Esq.

Wade Law Office

Joseph Wise, Esq.

Susan Zachos, Esq.